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Poster: splue Date: Apr 13, 2011 6:20pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: For u, Sir Micah, a digital rose garden

hi micah :D
micah i am just a nut! who am i? Nobody!!! just a college grrl helping her grandpa run his antique stores in ks & mo---i
goof off too much, skip classes, listen to grateful dead, further, NIN and
NoiseCollector now, all those guys Deadman, Sumanguru G. Jones, Digi Hartatak &
Noise, who i think is *secret code* for Digi but i'm 2 starstruck 2 ask!! I read 60's 70'scomics from our stores cos frankly they are not selling. I love Ghost Rider, Man-Thing, Swamp Thing, Fear, Chamber of Chi lls, Where Monsters Dwell, Creatures on the Loose,Wonder Woman, Satana, Son of Satan, AntMan, DollMan, Human Torch, Capt America,Werewolf by Night, Millie the Model, Planet of the Apes, the Eternals, the Avengers, Kull, Dazzler, Tigra, the Defenders, Night Rider, Xmen,Devil Dinosaur, Fantastic4,Nova, Rom, She-Hulk, Hulk, well u get the idea. "nuff said!" I am now starting to read history & the Bible & Tollundism recco texts, which are difficult but cool. I believe in randomness and structure, I take prescribed medication, probably not enough!! I usually am a tard. I like rosicrucians. I love the internet archive, i am going to build one for ants. I like Cindy Sherman and
her role photos, I am reading that book too. I like acting tough, like Telephone Tuffguy, except tougher, cos he seems
too wasted in his prank calls, I am new here, i figured out u 2 guys needed some fun, & i was playing along with Tollundism because I really thot he was (censored) at one point. But now i think i;m wrong, but gdammit i think he is so $%##$$%#
hilarious and smart. I tried 2 b good & lure him 2 Nc's but thet guy is like Andy Kauffman!!! I was down to three "suspects" for the archvillian Tollundism identity (or maybe antihero at best---sry Tolly!)

here were my 3 unordered picks: (drum roll plz)

Noise, you, & Rob. (+ u need to understand that i'm not saying any of u guys ARE, i'm just saying that u are
3 of the smartest dudes here, IMO)

I was basing that on strictly that Tollundism is extremely
literate, intellectual, witty, and is using surreal political humor with pop culture references!! Now i realize that he can be millions of other people but I felt that only you three guys met those criteria& frequented the forum & everyone else is pretty sane. (zzzzzz. oh i dozed off)
Not that u guys are insane, but you all r GUY GUYS. You all 3 remind me of Hawkeye and Trapper John, my faves, you too Tollundism if u are a different guy!!! Anyway, I had to act that way because I had to know!!! You r a cool cucumber Mr Micah!!! Anyway,to wrap this up I have to quit goofing & rescue my semester!!! (someone has to, it's not my kitteh)

btw I am not rly tracking u across the archive, i am not taking magical snapshots of tollundism in his rusty blue pinto (thats a guess based on a dream)
i am not rly a donkey (tanks one-post "antonny", plz subscribe to i luv pawnage, they have some veedios especially 4 u---fistbump 2u tho), I am not Tollundism because he is simply Tolluntastic and i am just a humble splue, i am not "skies" because she sounds rly mean and Anti-American & i am a patriot, i am not "kochman" (someone said that because why?) I read his posts & i am *not* seeing the connection so i guess u have to stand on ur hed but thet geeves me hedache, I am not NoiseCollector (how in the %$%$ could I be? Is our stuff any more different?)but i guess tprime thot we were. whew! I feel i just gave birth
to a manatee.

peace2u ( i stole that from a beatlish genius) , u guys r my heroes (sry 2 burden u with thet)